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Hm it should work. I think there's a bug that prevents you to use OFT files generated with OSLib 1.0 or OSLib 2.0 (I don't remember) in OSLib 2.01 and higer. I couldn't solve it because I lost the source code of this version of font2osl, but anyway OFT files generated by the font converter of OSLib 2.10 should work, I've tested it (oh not very deeply, but it should be ok).
thanks for anwering anywayl i've just checked and i'm using the verdana font that comes with the 2.10 archive. btw i've just checked the modification date on that font and its coming up as sun 26th feb 2006 an oslib 1.0 font in the 2.10 distribution?

i'm using linux and as far as i remember font2osl is a windows only application. if anybody has a good clean font that works with oslib 2.10 i would be grateful if you could post it (i'm sick of seeing the debug font, lol)
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