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Vieux 11/07/2008, 02h13   #1
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I want AT3 music to be played in my game, but I dont know how to do it. PSP just freezes every time it tries to load at3 file.

I looked in Super Patrick II source code but still didnt understand how to do it (comments there are not even in english)

So, can someone please write a simple code that plays at3 music and show it to me? Thanks, I hope you will help me.
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Vieux 12/07/2008, 10h56   #2
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it froze for me when I wanted to play an mp3 and after some tinkering it finally worked, look my message here maybe this will help you. and update your sdk to be safe. I wanted to test at3 soon, so if you still don't manage to do it at this time I'll share my code (in one week at best).
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Vieux 12/07/2008, 17h28   #3
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daaa57150, Thank you for your answer!

In documentation it is said "Important: Requires to be executed in kernel mode!". Can someone please explain me that?

daaa57150, I will be waiting for your code, I hope it will help me, thank you.
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