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Vieux 26/08/2009, 10h03   #1
Date d'inscription: 26/08/2009
Messages: 1
Par d嶨aut Quick questions about sprites

Hello. I started using this library to port my game to DS and I have some questions about the sprites manipulation. I will be glad if you post some code example ^_^

-How to read transparent pixels? In my pc application I use 24bit bmps. I converted it into gif and loaded into the application to use it as 8bit pallete (256 colours). I used the magenta colour RGB15(31,0,31) as transparent and the lib converted it fine.

But now I need to read those transparent pixels to make collision masks. If it's transparent, it should return false, else, return true.

-Is it faster to have a map collision or read directly the pixel when required? Due to DS limits, I wonder if it's better to read the pixel when detecting collision or instead create an array of data with the collision information.

-How to read image's width and height? I need to know the real size in pixels of the image. I load the image through my own filesystem so I have the gif or png directly loaded in memory.

-How to change the pallete colours? At some point I have to edit the pallete to change some colours. I know that I can "lock" the image's pallete but stil don't know how to change the colour.

-Is there any add or substract blending effect? I will be glad if i had those.

-Is there any possibility of having a gradient with transparencies? Like having a rectangle from black to completely transparent.

Thanks in advance
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Vieux 26/08/2009, 20h43   #2
Monsieur J
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Date d'inscription: 19/03/2009
Localisation: Dijon, Paris
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Par d嶨aut


You won't regret to develop with microlib

To define transparent pixels, it's very easy.
Just put the function ulSetTransparentColor(RGB15(31, 0, 31)); before your drawing code.

I really advise you using a map for collides. I believe it's a better solution, easier and economic in memory.

The height and width of images are stored in UL_IMAGE struct. Attributes are sizeX and sizeY.

Sorry about palette colours. I don't know. I never tried modify its. But i think you can do it using GbaGraphics from Brunni.

Don't know regarding blending effect.
I don't think so regarding gradient transparency.

Brunni could answer for the last two subjects.

I hope this could help you.
Have a nice time developing your game with microlib!
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